Apple does not agree with the claims Greenpeace

Some time ago we were told that the environmental organization Greenpeace has accused Apple in that it is not actively monitors the environment. And then came the official reaction of Cupertino company, which says that the report contains gross inaccuracies environmentalists.


In particular, Apple says that its data center under construction in North Carolina after the release of its full capacity will consume 20 megawatts of electricity, while in the Greenpeace report, reported about 100 megawatts. Recall that Greenpeace has put Apple, Amazon and other companies to lower the environmental assessment as to generate electricity in their data centers is predominantly used charcoal and "dangerous nuclear fuel." Another complaint against the two companies is that they publish a lot less information on energy consumption than competing Google and Yahoo.


In an official statement issued today, Apple released the first data on the expected power consumption, and said:


"We believe that this industry-leading project will make our data center in Meydene greenest in history. And next year for him to join our new project in Oregon, which will be completely run on renewable energy "


In response, an analyst with Greenpeace on the IT-industry, Gary Cook (Gary Cook) wondered how Apple can be powered with 20 watts of electricity a huge data center area of ??45,000 square meters. Environmentalists demanded that the company even greater transparency in environmental reporting.

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