Dual Display for Microsoft Smartphone

United States Patent and Trademark Office (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) has recently published details of the patent by Microsoft, in which it is a two-way system of smart displays for mobile phones and tablets.


The invention includes an integrated low-power implementation of the second screen may E-Ink, which will be located on the back of the smartphone or tablet. This screen will display some information. Thus, with an optional display can be moved from the main screen standard items such as watches, to make room on the main display. It can also display a variety of other information, which otherwise would not be displayed. The second display will use its own low-power processor, which will reduce the load on the main display.


A patent technology is similar to "smart-device-skins" from Samsung, which allows to change the look of your phone with the help of technology, operating on the principle of a chameleon. And yet, on the second screen can display pictures and video clips.

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