Yahoo will close up to 50 products and services

According to the publication SearcEngineLand, Yahoo leaders announced that in the near future will focus on the development of eight services, while at the same time the Internet company announced the closure of 50 sites and services that have not yielded the desired profit corporation.


In turn, the new CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson (Scott Thompson) said: "In the near future, Yahoo will focus on relationships with online media and will be engaged in the commercialization of the business. We plan to develop services: Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Mail and some other promising projects, such as Flickr and Yahoo Answers ».


In fairness, we note that, according to analysts, the profit earned by a company from owning service Flickr - minimal. However, despite this, Scott Thompson said the project and see a promising way to further monetize the resource. As for Yahoo Answers - now incredibly popular with service users in the United States. In the near future guidance Yahoo plans to restructure some services, so that it contributes to the active involvement of users.


As services are scheduled for closure, Scott Thompson, consider:


Yahoo Upcoming - service guide provides information about interesting events, during the years of its existence and could not gain popularity among users.

Yahoo Directory - a site designed to linkostroeniya.

Yahoo Pipes - A special service for aggregating Web content.

Yahoo Groups - Social service from Yahoo, which last several years, almost did not develop and did not bring a substantial profit corporation.

Yahoo Clues - service, clearly demonstrating the search trends. Western marketers often use it for the selection of keywords, because aggregated resource is the most talked about information on celebrities.

Yahoo Fire Eagle - geolocation service from Yahoo (in fact, an analogue of Foursquare).

Yahoo Koprol - even a geolocation service from Yahoo.

Yahoo Babel Fish - an online translator.


Also scheduled to close Yahoo Avatars, and many other obscure and unpopular services.


It is also curious that Scott Thompson is nothing about the future plans of the main search Yahoo.

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