Study: promoting and informative tweets attract users

A study by the journal Harvard Business Review, showed that the tweets that contain interesting information to users, or promoting a product or service company in most cases, receive a positive response from consumers.


Social marketers should note that approximately a third of users consider "promoting tweets" with links to useful content, and a similar number believed necessary and interesting to read the information material, especially the news.


Tweets from companies that raise questions and then "as if by chance" offer an interesting thought about, too, is likely to prompt the reader to read all the material, the study said.


On the other hand, very personal tone of messages from the accounts of companies are likely to scare away potential customers.


Although the exchange of information should be encouraged, people who spend marketing campaigns in social media, you must be a balance between involvement and updating followers tweets that might be useless.


As for the tweets that contain links to other people's conversations, and then review it, then only 24% of respondents consider it necessary to read this text, and 34% do not want to spend time on it.


In addition, about half of users find tweets, just an attempt to draw attention to themselves meaningless. An example of the study, tweet: "Good morning, world :)." As the authors put it: "The next time you wake up with a desire to write such a thing, listen to our advice - it is better not wake up."


Instead, companies are encouraged to offer a fresh look at the interesting news and add context to the links, since research shows that most users want to receive new information from the accounts they follow.

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