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Windows 8 will receive integrated antivirus

It is learned that in Windows 8 will default to install your own antivirus. He will not have to worry about the safety of the system immediately after installation. Moreover, the development is not going to interfere with the products of the anti-virus vendors. Once the installation is a third-party software, built-in anti-virus is disabled. His reverse inclusion only happens if the virus database product obsolete or it is removed from the computer. According to McAfee, Microsoft is unlikely in such a way intended to compete with major players in the security market. The injured party here soon perform OEM-suppliers. They pre-install anti-virus and receive certain payments from developers. If in Windows 8 immediately present antivirus, then the user need not pay extra money if he can postpone the choice at a later date. When installed in Windows 8 third-party security program elapsed time urgency database, the user will receive this notification within 15 days. Further, it will impose on the purchase of Windows Defender.

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