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Windows Phone will become more popular than iPhone

This is according to new research from the company IDC, says AppleInsider. In just five years - from 2012 to the end of 2016 - the share of Windows Phone on the market of mobile operating systems should grow by about 46.2% annually. As analysts, to a large extent this will occur through a partnership with software giant company Nokia, one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile devices. To date, the share of the mobile operating system from the software giant is only 5.2%, which gives Windows Phone only fourth place, behind Android, iOS and the BlackBerry from the Canadian company RIM. The share of Android is 61%, iOS - 20,5%, and the BlackBerry - 6%. However, by 2016 the market situation has seriously changed. According to experts IDC, this time Windows Phone will have to take second place with 19.2% market share, losing only Android, its share will decrease to 52.9%. iOS revert to third place with a market share of 19%. Share BlackBerry will also be reduced to 5.9%. However, in the IDC report says that the Android operating system will be actively growing due to increase in smartphone sales in developing countries such as China and India.

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