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The application for hacking mobile phones interfere with police

About a year ago, law enforcement officials in France were able to block stolen mobile phones, eliminating the possibility of their further use. To provide an additional level of protection offered by the French owners of mobile phones to your phone IMEI identifier in the online database. After the police received a complaint about the theft of the phone network operator can use this information to convert the device into a useless piece of plastic. The French newspaper Le Monde (Google Translate) reports that the number of thefts of mobile phones in the past year fell by 20%. According to journalists, the figure shows the effectiveness of such measures. Unfortunately, the Parisian police have recently encountered a new problem.Some time ago, in the French media reported software product called Z3X. One of the functions of this application, created by Ukrainian developers is the ability to reset the IMEI-numbers on the different phone models from leading manufacturers, including companies Samsung, LG, NEC and others. The program is distributed through an extensive network of resellers and today it can be easily purchased in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Libya, and in several European countries. Police reported that an application has been found in about half a hundred small shops in Paris, specializing in the sale of mobile technology.Recall that a change in the unique identifier IMEI, according to French law is a crime for which the court may sentence the offender to two years imprisonment and a fine of 46,000 dollars. However, even such a severe punishment does not stop the offenders."Manufacturers of cellular phones to take urgent measures, for example, to provide IMEI engraving directly on the device - says Frank Carbine (Frank Carabin), member of the Paris police. - Maybe the problem can also be solved with the help of an additional hardware component that allows you to remotely block the stolen device. We are interested in that solution was found as soon as possible.

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