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Released Opera 12 - "the fastest and most intelligent" browser

Opera 12 planned to release last year, but eventually release a new version of the browser just took today. No significant changes in the browser not all innovations are mainly related to the developers. In addition, Opera 12 is implemented experimental support for hardware accelerated rendering graphic content of Web pages and interface of the program.


By default, however, hardware acceleration is not enabled. To activate it, you must go to the menu opera: config and include two options - separately for hardware acceleration and WebGL, writes, "RIA Novosti".


In Opera Software said that in some cases, hardware acceleration is slower than the software component of Vega, when the content is responsible for drawing the processor. That's why a new feature in Opera 12 is disabled by default.


Among other innovations in the browser is the support for 64-bit systems, blocking advertising campaigns, tracking network activity audience the isolated execution of plugins in separate processes. In Opera 12 introduces a new, easier to design, format, themes, and also claimed to support an API for working with external devices - web cameras and microphones.


According to Lars Boylsena, head of Opera Software, the new browser is the fastest and most "smart" web browser. "We believe that you deserve" - ??appealed to the users of the Norwegian company CEO.

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