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Popular videocall service is outlawed

Travelers who find themselves in the territory of Ethiopia, it is recommended to refrain from calling home via Skype. A few weeks ago, authorities released a new African state law prohibiting the use of Skype and other popular VoIP-services. Violations are a very serious punishment of 15 years in prison. How is the government going to enforce this law - currently unknown.


Under the new law, a criminal offense now applies to any exchange of audio and video content through social networks. In fact, the ban is in effect from May 24, but only now has this information available to the general public. Commentators site TechCrunch point out that the leaders of Ethiopia for a long time struggling with the spread of the Internet and has now managed to achieve considerable success. In any case, the country has a range of measures that restrict citizens' access to global networks.


One need only mention that so far in the country with a population of over 84 million people only 700,000 users have access to the network (the average connection speed is 622 kilobits per second). The activities in Ethiopia, the only ISP Ethio Telecom is fully controlled by the authorities. Import of equipment for the transmission of information and is under full government control, and assumes that private companies have the appropriate licenses.


Technology "onion routing» (Tor), allow the installation of an anonymous network connections and popular in countries with developed Internet censorship, with the recently available for residents of Ethiopia. It is known that the company Ethio Telecom to deploy a system that blocks access to the Tor. According to experts, the provider performs a thorough filtering of Web traffic using complex mechanisms in-depth packet inspection (Deep Packet Inspection).

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