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Нужна ли Retina в каждом дисплее?

With the announcement of a new generation of MacBook Pro Apple has opened up a wide scope for further action. This is especially true of the new laptop screen, which we'll now want to see in each of his computer. But is there a sense from these screens, especially when it comes to the desktop iMac or Thunderbolt Display? Why not?


Announcing in 2010 a new screen in the iPhone 4 Steve Jobs said that Retina will become the standard production of displays for years to come. Then he could not make a mistake, and today we are becoming a witness of his words translate into action. The advantages of super fine screen visible to the naked eye. This is not only a clear text, it is also the highest quality photos and videos viewed on the screen of the computer.


Especially important is high-definition display for professional photographers and users working with images on your computer. Ability to work on a more clear picture gives the user a better result in the end. Professional users who are involved with the movie also will be extremely useful for high resolution screen, after editing, they are able to work with a clearer picture of each video.


The reason that Apple has not shown us the rest of their computers updated with the Retina-display is easy to give. Toward a new notebook customers should get used to. Now Apple will follow the reaction to my new MacBook Pro and based on feedback about the computer to draw conclusions about the need to update the other models. But judging by how people reacted to the new generation of professional notebooks, Apple is already build the tactics of their actions to update the other computer models. I would suggest that the most popular model may be 11-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina-displays.


With laptops all clear, but what with desktop screens in the iMac and the Thunderbolt Display? There is a need for a Retina-display of this size and how it will affect the performance of the computer. The meaning of this upgrade, of course, is, and I described it in two paragraphs above. But if we take into account the 27-inch screen, resolution of which may amount to a fantastic 5120 ? 2880 pixels, then immediately begin to doubt that Apple will be able to fit into the housing All-in-one computer hardware, which can easily cope with the processing of such images. That's why Apple does not have to rush to upgrade their line of larger displays (iMac, Thunderbolt Display), and postponed it indefinitely. There is no doubt that at this point in Apple is working hard on adapting the hardware and software for such screens, but there is every reason to believe that at least six months to realize our plans will be much easier for most Apple, and for its customers' pockets. Therefore, waiting for the new "aimags" in 2013

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