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Global smartphone sales Q3 2011

Company Shipments (millions) Market share
Samsung 27.8 23.8%
Apple 17.1 14.6%
Nokia 16.8 14.4%
Others 55.3 47.3%

The picture is not very satisfying, especially for those who fond of iPhones and nothing else. It may be explained by the looking forward to the iPhone 4S by the potential owners. Though from morning news I’ve learned that those lucky owners of 4S are not very satisfied with battery life. One of the writers on TechCrunch said that the battery has “died” after 8 hours of constant work. All he did was a few phone calls, Twitter/Facebook/male checkout and … that is pretty enough for having low battery

It seems that amazing notification system, great camera and voice control system have to be approved. It is rumoured that Siri is one of the greatest features ever. With Siri you can do almost everything from getting directions, to sending text messages, to sending emails, to getting restaurant recommendations on Yelp, to looking up information on WolframAlpha, to setting reminders, to taking notes, to setting calendar appointments, to setting alarms, to searching the web. It can even recognise accents. But without appropriate battery life it won’t do.

But will the sales rise after the latest iPhone appears on the shops?

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