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In the United States create a unified database of stolen phones

Major U.S. mobile operators, in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agreed to create a single database with identifiers of mobile phones.


If the owner of the cellular telephone operator told him about the theft or loss, the operator ID of the phone buried in a special list. After that, reconnect to the network the device will fail.


The base will be created with the participation of the four operators - AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Within six months they should start their own databases, which are then consolidated into a single network. Expected to join the project and regional operators.


In parallel, operators will seek the introduction of criminal liability in the United States to change the ID phone.


The purpose of the database - reducing the number of thefts of mobile phones. Tolbko in one of New York from January to October 2011 there were 26,000 thefts of electronic devices, and in 81 percent of cases were stolen phones. In the U.S. capital Washington, DC, from 2007 to 2011 the number of phone thefts more than doubled.


Base Operator IDs stolen or lost devices already exist in several European countries and Australia.

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